Meet Exsteven

Exsteven, 7th grade

My favorite subject is


What I like most about school is

Learning new things, socializing, & meeting new people each year

When I grow up, I want to be

An anesthesiologist, bio-engineer or a video game designer (unless of course I make it big :) )

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What is Vision 2016?

Vision 2016 is the next phase of Charleston Achieving Excellence, The District's Flagship reform initiative to improve student learning throughout the entire district.  Vision 2016 is not a new strategic plan.  Vision 2016 builds on and improves the foundation of Charleston Achieving Excellence, and centers the work of a large, complex organization on one truth: The Victory is in the Classroom!

What does Vision 2016 mean for my child?

Vision 2016 is all about accelerating your child’s academic achievement.  When you combine the right supports, high expectations, and great teaching—your son or daughter will graduate from high school with the skills to succeed in college, the workforce, and life.

Who decided on the goals and strategies for Vision 2016?

This was a partnership between the district, the Board of Trustees and the community at large. Over the course of the 2011-2012 school year, over 10 community engagement meetings were held to gather important feedback on the proposed goals and inquire about strategies to meet the goals. The effort was led by a group of dedicated volunteers who represent community partners, parents and staff. Over 750 parents, staff and community members attended the meetings and provided feedback. In the spring of 2012, volunteers presented the feedback to the Board of Trustees and the community officially endorsed the goals. The Board of Trustees officially endorsed the process and the feedback that was provided to the board.

How can I learn more about Vision 2016?

You can read the full plan, download it by clicking the link below.

Download the plan